Sunday's Track is Young Again

One of the first new songs that the band began playing even before we were called Wookie Garcia.  Don't know if we've ever played a show without including this one.  The recording features Robert Fedeli on keyboards.

Saturday's Track

Saturday's track is the earliest recording that made it on to Songs from Ray's Garage.  "Fortune Cookie" goes back to the Usual Suspects' days and the basic tracks were actually recorded by Hatfield Rain.  The overdubs were added around…Read more

Black Friday Kicks Off Eleven Days of Wookie!

Over the next eleven days our website will feature one complete song from our forthcoming album Songs from Ray's Garage on the music player found at the bottom of every page.  Simply click play and hear each track as many…Read more

Artwork is approved, CD's to be manufactured!

Tonight we stopped looking at our artwork proofs long enough to pronounce them "damn near perfect," and let Groove House know to commence manufacturing tons and loads of CDs. These soon-to-be collectors' items will be in our friends'/fans' hands in…Read more

New CD Update!

As you can see, we've made some changes to the site.  Firstly, our new header uses the same graphics as our upcoming CD release, Songs from Ray's Garage.  The background photo is also the background for the back cover…Read more

CD Artwork just about Complete

The graphics team has been assembling to piece together our CD, booklet, and back cover for Songs from Ray's Garage.  We're at the looking-over stage right now, making sure every detail is correct (if you know us, you know…Read more

No Place Like Home

Wookie Garcia at The Brew House in Eastlake 4-21-12

Thanks to the Brew House staff and so many of the band's friends who came out to make our first South Bay show in a while so successful.  I'm sure we'll…Read more