1. Hurting Me

From the recording Stand the Fall

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Hurting Me

If I met the younger me what would I say to myself?
And how could I get through to one who’s always so difficult?

Don’t believe what people tell you
They don’t know what’s right for me
There’s a lot of things people can sell you
Some of them are Hurting Me

I would tell the younger me before you can get you must give
You’ll make things twice as hard if you have to be so sensitive

Don’t fall for all that God and country
Because He made the whole world free
Don’t believe it when the rich man tells you
There’s just not any more left for me

You’ve got to know what you don’t know
You’ve got do, you just can’t be
Don’t let them tell you you’re weak for complaining
Or you’ll just end up Hurting Me.

Words and music by Kyle Ince and Brian Sharkey
© 2019 Psychic Artist Music/Tara-Anne Music (ASCAP)

Kyle Ince: Guitars and Vocals
Brian Sharkey: Vocals
Jason Sumner-LaRussa: Drums
Mark Tucker: Bass
Rami Jaffee: Hammond Organ and Mellotron
Bob Sheehan: Percussion