Songs from Ray's Garage

Wookie Garcia released our first album called Songs from Ray's Garage on December 4, 2012.  Its eleven songs are about life, love and the pursuit of happiness in the modern world.  Ten of the tracks are originals; one is an obscure song from one of our favorite songwriters, Stan Ridgway. 

The band called on some old friends while working on this project.  Patrick Espinosa and John Hendrickson deserve some sort of award for putting up us while we tried this and that, added and subtracted, and changed our minds right up until the last minutes of recording and mixing.  Of course, they were responsible for some of that as well.  Robert Fedeli and Bob Sheehan contributed their musical abilities, but also reminded us why we enjoyed hanging out with them in the first place.  Finally, Gavin Lurssen worked his mastering magic on our final mixes and gave all those sounds their own space. 

During the process, we had the opportunity to work with some mighty special players, namely, Rami Jaffee and Jessy Greene.  In between touring the world with the Foo Fighters, those two were able to squeeze in some studio time with us.  They played great, had good ideas, and were also fun to hang out with.  Rami has a million stories, but he only had time to tell us a few.  Hopefully we'll meet up with him again. 

Because we like being our own bosses, (or is that each others' bosses?) we pretty much did everything ourselves while making this recording, including designing the artwork and putting together the package.  Mark's wife Kathy took the picture that we used on the front cover, Patrick took the photo that is on the back cover and now used as the background for our site.  Mark created the image we used for the disc itself, manipulating a picture that he took.  And of course Ray was rewarded (?) for his years of patiently putting up with rehearsals of our various groups by getting his name in the title. 

As they say, you have a lifetime to make your first record.  A lot of living went into this.  We hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for listening.   

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Songs from Ray's Garage

Wookie Garcia

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The long-awaited debut CD from Wookie Garcia. Here are mp3 files to download and take with you wherever you go.

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The Band

The Credits

Produced by Patrick Espinosa, with John Hendrickson and Kyle Ince

Engineered by John Hendrickson and Patrick Espinosa
Basic tracks recorded at Schnee Studio, North Hollywood, CA and Signature Sound, San Diego, CA
Second engineer: Darius Fong
Additional recording at Fonogenic Studio, Van Nuys, CA and Ray’s Garage, Bonita, CA
Additional Engineering by James McLaughlin

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Art Direction by Patrick Espinosa, Kyle Ince and Brian Sharkey 
Photographs by Kathy Tucker, Patrick Espinosa, Pierce Harrison, Mark Tucker and Kyle Ince 
Manufactured by Groove House, Woodland Hills, CA

Special thanks to our wives, Diane, Mary Anne, Kathy, Dawn & Susan, and families for being so patient with us throughout the making of this recording. We’d like to give a big thank you to our musician friends, Robert & Bob (the Usual Suspects), Rami, Jessy, Chrissi & Dawn who contributed so much to the Wookie sound. Thanks, also, to Michael Johnston & Alyssa Gonzalez for working on the design, and Ken Oyer for the final touches. Thank you, Bill Schnee, and Luis Arteaga, for providing the perfect places to record these songs. And, finally, thanks to Ray for the garage, where we can escape, create, rehearse and enjoy a few cold ones with great friends. Thanks Ray, we dedicate this album to you!

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℗ 2012 Wookie Garcia

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