From the recording Stand the Fall

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Don’t Surrender Today

When Lisa cries, complaining it’s just not fair
You see it in her eyes, she sees it everywhere
She puts a sign on her door, it says, “come in, I’m not there”
Don’t Surrender Today waiting for tomorrow

When I get up, sometimes she’s just getting in
As I pass her in the hall, I never ask her where she’s been
I get her on the phone, “at the tone, please begin…”
Don’t Surrender Today worryin’ about tomorrow

I miss Lisa now, she won’t be back I fear
She kind of let me down the way she disappeared
She sent me a card, it says, “I wish you were here”
Don’t Surrender Today just ‘cause you have tomorrow

Don’t Surrender Today for tomorrow

Words and music by Kyle Ince and Brian Sharkey
© 2002 Psychic Artist Music/Tara-Anne Music (ASCAP)

Kyle Ince: Guitars
Brian Sharkey: Vocals
Jason Sumner-LaRussa: Drums
Mark Tucker: Bass
Rami Jaffee: Hammond Organ
Jessy Greene: Violin
Bob Sheehan: Vocals and Percussion