1. Fortune Cookie

From the recording Songs from Ray's Garage

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Fortune Cookie
The answer came with dinner
In the cookie on the plate
I broke it open and read inside
That paper said that I’d be rich beyond my dreams
It was up to me to enjoy the ride
I called my boss up and said I’m moving on
‘cause my fortune was on the way
He said he was sorry to lose me as things were taking off
What else could he say?

I stopped at the store to get the kids some milk
I had a couple of dollars change
Picked some numbers, got into the lottery
My itchy palms were feeling strange
With that ticket I always think of what could be
If that jackpot would be mine
You hear about the things that money doesn’t bring
Hell, just the money would be fine

I’ve been working for a long time now
I know things don’t come for free
Now I’ve been dreaming for a while my friends
And it’s got the best of me

Been mailing back those entry forms and buying magazines
They say the winning number’s mine
Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m doing the right thing
‘cause nothing’s happened in all this time
And I’ve been wondering what I can do myself
Never thought of that before
What if all this time I was really in control?
Maybe I could have done some more

Words and Music by Kyle Ince and Brian Sharkey
© 2011 Psychic Artist Music/Tara-Anne Music (ASCAP)