From the recording Songs from Ray's Garage

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A Walk through the Desert
Heading up the avenue
How are you? I’m glad to meet you
“Jesus saves,” I heard you say
Don’t know but that might be true
Was that the paper in your hand?
It’s blowing up the sidewalk
It’s just a little way down Paradise
Where everything is made alright

There’s lady liberty at last
I stand beneath that famous skyline
It’s a roller coaster at the top
On the ground we’re moving fast
Just when we’ve sailed the seven seas
We take a walk through history

Salvation lies ahead

The man said what will this be in a hundred years?
Why it’ll be sand like it is right now
But he was wrong, this place has everything
Everything that can be allowed

Now I’m sitting in a French café
I’ll order me a margarita
Looking up at that light blue sky
The sunset always looks this way
Living big without a care
All actions don’t have consequences
We solved the riddle of the Sphinx
Now we’ve won it’s only fair
We built the greatest destination
There is no here here, there’s only there.

Salvation lies ahead
Take A Walk Through the Desert
And keep those bandits fed

Words and music by Kyle Ince and Brian Sharkey
© 2011 Psychic Artist Music/Tara-Anne Music (ASCAP)