1. Tommy John

From the recording Stand the Fall

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Tommy John

I don’t want to become famous like Tommy John
I’d rather be known for something that people want
If you see me coming I’d like a smile right away
When you see me coming don’t ever send me on my way
Like I’m Tommy John

Don’t want to waste my life thinking about who I’m not
You might be the one most worried about what I’ve got
You’re told to press my buttons, then I sing and dance
When you press my buttons this is your big chance
And I’m who I’m not

You don’t hear me saying
What I don’t believe
Sometimes I wonder what is here for me
Getting paid by the idea
They just need to see the light of day
And that’s just more work for me

You’re calling me a winner for leaving at the top
You could be a winner and comeback all you want
Like Tommy John
I just want to claim what I’ve worked for and then move on
Time comes for each of us and for me it’s come
Like Tommy John

Words and music by Kyle Ince and Brian Sharkey
© 2019 Psychic Artist Music/Tara-Anne Music (ASCAP)

Kyle Ince: Guitars
Brian Sharkey: Vocals
Jason Sumner-LaRussa: Drums
Mark Tucker: Bass
Rami Jaffee: Hammond Organ
Bob Sheehan: Percussion