1. Shine

From the recording Stand the Fall

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Big Star shines in the sky tonight
No one’s here to watch them burning bright
Won’t be years before they’re recognized
Enter ears and make listeners high

Praise the man who digs into the earth
Hidden treasures lie beneath the dirt
Ancient cities that have long gone by
Are rediscovered and brought back to life

So, can we let it Shine?

Watch the needle fall within the cracks
Some say sound is better served with wax
Ask Bill Schnee what’s been compromised
Mp3s will make an old man cry

So, will you let it Shine?

Lights, direction and set design
Herman Hupfeld with “As Time Goes By”
A Moroccan city from 1942
Shines as bright as the day it was new

Big Star fell from the burning sky
Someplace, somewhere, some people cried
I wish I may, I wish I might
Let Big Star shine tonight

So, I’m going to let it Shine

Words and music by Kyle Ince
© 2019 Psychic Artist Music (ASCAP)

Kyle Ince: Guitars
Brian Sharkey: Vocals
Jason Sumner-LaRussa: Drums
Mark Tucker: Bass
Rami Jaffee: Hammond Organ and Mellotron
Emily Ince: Vocals
Bob Sheehan: Percussion