From the recording Stand the Fall

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A Friend like You

We’ve been friends for so long
That we can read each other’s thoughts
When you breathe out, I breathe in
Where I end you begin

When high force winds knock buildings down
Our feet never leave the ground
When the river rises over our heads
We leave our feet and start to swim

Don’t be mistaken
There are times when we’ve been lost
We’ve gone down the wrong road
But we’ve never gone too far

I’d like to think we were friends before
In a different life, in a different world
And when the time comes as we get old
We’ll rest in a place that will carry us both

And I don’t know what I’d do
Without a Friend like You
The bird on the wire will fly if she’s scared
But why leave what she’s got with her friends standing there?

Sometimes when life spins us around
And our world is crumbling down
It’s up to us to keep the oceans at bay
It’s up to us to keep the bad thoughts away
It’s up to us to fight the good fight
It’s up to us to keep a straight line of sight
It’s up to us to see things through
But I can’t do it without a Friend like You
Without a Friend like You

Words and music by Kyle Ince
© 2019 Psychic Artist Music (ASCAP)

Kyle Ince: Guitars
Brian Sharkey: Vocals
Jason Sumner-LaRussa: Drums
Mark Tucker: Bass
Rami Jaffee: Hammond Organ and Mellotron
Emily Ince: Vocals
Kevin Sharkey: Percussion