1. Walk in Time

From the recording Songs from Ray's Garage

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From the CD Songs from Ray's Garage


Walk in Time
At seven years old
He put it in your hands
Squeeze it tight and hold it like a man
So you point it up to the sky
Try to miss everything that comes by
Some things never turn out like they’re planned

Building up walls
Too high to be climbed
Living by rules never fully defined
Try to please everyone but yourself
Walking in the shadow of somebody else
Walk in Time, young man, Walk in Time

Shadow, I am black

You lie down
In the cool green grass
Laying beneath a shade tree that won’t last
And you look to the branches above
Realize now the depths of love
Now that your world is spinning twice as fast

Shadow, I am black
Here beside you

Words and music by Kyle Ince
© 2011 Psychic Artist Music (ASCAP)