Wookie Garcia Enters a Song for Homegrown

Longtime San Diego music fans may remember the annual KGB Homegrown records from the seventies and eighties that would feature local artists crafting songs that celebrated our community while still providing good listening.  Well, it's back!  Thanks to Cathryn Beeks, Jeff Berkley, and the former KGB jock himself Jim McInnes, the Homegrown album will be making a comeback this summer.  Wookie Garcia could not resist this opportunity to contribute a locally oriented song, now that we finally have one.  "Almost Like Superman" is a track we recorded last summer for our still-to-come second album.  The song is about the Chargers' and Oceanside High's legendary linebacker Junior Seau.  The producers will surely be busy making their selections, as more than 60 songs were submitted.  So, Wookie fans, keep your fingers crossed that our tune makes the cut...

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