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Wookie Garcia Enters a Song for Homegrown 

Longtime San Diego music fans may remember the annual KGB Homegrown records from the seventies and eighties that would feature local artists crafting songs that celebrated our community while still providing good listening.  Well, it's back!  Thanks to Cathryn Beeks, Jeff Berkley, and the former KGB jock himself Jim McInnes, the Homegrown album will be making a comeback this summer.  Wookie Garcia could not resist this opportunity to contribute a locally oriented song, now that we finally have one.  "Almost…Read more

Remembering Tony 

It only makes it harder to watch our current Padres, who truly make hitting a baseball look as hard as Ted Williams always said it was, when one can still remember seeing Tony Gwynn come to the plate.  Nobody ever worked as hard to make hitting a ball look so easy as Gwynn did.  And no one in my memory was as successful at it.
Maybe I should start at the beginning. My dad grew up in the Northeast, and he loves baseball and he loves basketball.  When I was in high school, he and I would go to the San Diego…Read more

We Think We've Got it Now: Headers that Don't Suck! 

Okay, it seems as though we might have a handle on this.  Bandzoogle has given us the ability to have multiple headers cycling across the top of our pages.  We've selected five to rotate.  We've added our logo (brand is important), photo credits (lawsuits are expensive), and a CD review so cool we could have written it ourselves.  What do you all think?  What can we do better? Tell us. We want your opinion!

Wow! Those Header Images Keep Changing 

Our friends at Bandzoogle, hosts of our web page, are always working on cool new features that we can use to update our sites.  Now we can have slideshows for headers as well as still images.  Pretty cool.  For now, we're just playing around with it, but we'll try to have some 'header-worthy' images up soon.  Thanks to Kathy Tucker, Patrick Espinosa & Pierce Harrison for the images we're using so far.