Respect for the Beat Farmers

"It's finally the weekend, and we're headed for the bar..."  Those words begin our tribute to arguably the finest San Diego band ever, and more importantly, to their legendary founder, Country Dick Montana.  It would be impossible to estimate the influence this group had on Usual Suspects/Hatfield Rain/Wookie Garcia, just as it would be impossible to remember much of what transpired before, during and after many of the Beat Farmers (now known as simply, The Farmers) club appearances.  Suffice to say we know a great band when we see one, and for much of the last 30 years the Beat Farmers were a great band.  "Our own best band is playing, at 11 pm they start."  "Goodnight Montana" is another song we played right from the begining of the band.  Dedicated to Dan McClain and Buddy Siegal.

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