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Did Our (Great) Review Get Lost in the Shuffle? 

We can't seem to remember for sure but we might have been keeping some pretty cool info a secret from everyone.  It wasn't ever posted here in our blog anyway, but that's about to be corrected.  Back in November, Bart Mendoza's column in the San Diego Troubadour included a mini-review of Songs from Ray's Garage.   We definitely posted about it on Twitter and Facebook.  We quoted the review on the home page of our web site, but there's more that you probably haven't read, like when we're compared to Paul…Read more

Wookie in the News 

Check out the January edition of My Hometown magazine for a short feature on our CD release. The story appears at the bottom of page 8.  Thanks to Mike Minjares for the kind words, although music fans will have to wait until February 12 for our next show at the House of Blues.

If You Need Another Reason to Listen to the Radio 

Wookie Garcia will be on the radio for the first time this Sunday, December 9 on the Homegrown Show on KPRI 102.1 FM.  The show is hosted by local musicians Cathryn Beeks and Jeff Berkley each Sunday night between 8 and 9PM and features songs from various local artists. We don't know yet which song will be played, but it will definitely be one found on our new CD out this week, Songs from Ray's Garage

Walk in Time is the Final CD Track to be Highlighted 

Tomorrow is the big day: Songs from Ray's Garage will be available for purchase exclusively (for now) on this website.  The CD will be available for purchase to be shipped directly to you, or you have your choice of mp3 or wav files to download and enjoy right away.  We've worked long and hard on this and we hope you all enjoy the results.

Respect for the Beat Farmers 

"It's finally the weekend, and we're headed for the bar..."  Those words begin our tribute to arguably the finest San Diego band ever, and more importantly, to their legendary founder, Country Dick Montana.  It would be impossible to estimate the influence this group had on Usual Suspects/Hatfield Rain/Wookie Garcia, just as it would be impossible to remember much of what transpired before, during and after many of the Beat Farmers (now known as simply, The Farmers) club appearances.  Suffice to say we know…Read more

And I had to Walk Back and Forth to School..."Uphill Both Ways" 

Friday's track is the first song Kyle & Brian wrote together after a break of several years.  It was written over several weeks in the garage days before Wookie Garcia was a band.  The father in the story obviously exaggerates just how tough he had it growing up as he tries in vain to show his son how much easier his life is.  Later the song changed quite a bit in the overdub process as the band had the luxury of experimenting with different approaches.

"That's an Obscure One!" 

The one thing that sets today's song apart from the rest of the album is that it's the one song that we didn't write.  We're big fans of Stan Ridgway, and when a couple of us got to meet him some years back, we told him that we had recorded his song "Harry Truman," he exclaimed, "that's an obscure one."  Maybe so, but that just adds to its charm. A cool western sound and characters both real and imagined populate this really clever song.  Here it is in all its obscurity.

Five Have been Heard, After Today, Five Remain 

We're in the middle of our CD preview. Five songs have already been heard.  After today, there will only be five left to play.  Since we're in the middle, there's no time like the present to start at the beginning.  The album's first track is one of the most romantic songs you'll ever hear, albeit with a Wookie Garcia twist.  "Rosabelle Believe" is dedicated to Harry Houdini and his wife whose love was so strong for each other that it extended into the afterlife.  Or did it?  Listen for yourself, and find…Read more

We're only a week Away! 

Today's preview is "Brand New Life" a Usual Suspects-era song that somehow never made it onto any of that band's releases.  Here the sound is big with drums and guitars carrying the day.  The lead vocal is squished down as if the character himself is finding it hard to be heard in the new world that he finds himself in.  He'll break out by the chorus though.  Just you wait...

We Have Lots of Songs, but only one is "Special" 

The third track on the album is unique among our songs in that the songwriting credit is shared by the whole band.  When we began recording for this project this song was but a month old and we had only played it for an audience once. The song has huge vocals courtesy of the Bobs, and is always dedicated to our wives who put up with us so well.

Sunday's Track is Young Again 

One of the first new songs that the band began playing even before we were called Wookie Garcia.  Don't know if we've ever played a show without including this one.  The recording features Robert Fedeli on keyboards.

Saturday's Track 

Saturday's track is the earliest recording that made it on to Songs from Ray's Garage.  "Fortune Cookie" goes back to the Usual Suspects' days and the basic tracks were actually recorded by Hatfield Rain.  The overdubs were added around the same time that "Harry Truman" was recorded.  Once again, Rami added his special touch, this time on piano.

Black Friday Kicks Off Eleven Days of Wookie! 

Over the next eleven days our website will feature one complete song from our forthcoming album Songs from Ray's Garage on the music player found at the bottom of every page.  Simply click play and hear each track as many times as your heart desires.  Black Friday 11/23 features the album's final track, "A Walk through the Desert" which in addition to the band features our old buddies Bob Sheehan and Robert Fedeli on vocals, as well as Producer Patrick Espinosa on mallet percussion, and new friends Rami…Read more

CD Release Date Announced! 

Wookie Garcia's debut release Songs from Ray's Garage will be available for purchase and download on Tuesday, December 4.  Initially the album will be only be available from our web site, however there will be more places to buy added in the next few weeks.  Any orders for CDs made before 12/04 will be shipped to arrive as close as possible to the release date.  Pre-orders for CDs only will be set up in the last week of November.  Downloads will be available on 12/04 in both mp3 and wav formats.  Pricing…Read more

Artwork is approved, CD's to be manufactured! 

Tonight we stopped looking at our artwork proofs long enough to pronounce them "damn near perfect," and let Groove House know to commence manufacturing tons and loads of CDs. These soon-to-be collectors' items will be in our friends'/fans' hands in time for holiday gift-giving and will make the perfect present to give and receive well into the new year.  Please visit the Songs from Ray's Garage page to hear portions of each track.

New CD Update! 

As you can see, we've made some changes to the site.  Firstly, our new header uses the same graphics as our upcoming CD release, Songs from Ray's Garage.  The background photo is also the background for the back cover of our CD.  Finally, the store has a lot of updated info as well as 1 minute snippets of each of the eleven tracks to listen to.  Lots more of the web site needs to get updated, the CD has been mastered by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen, and the art work is complete.  We are awaiting the…Read more

CD Artwork just about Complete 

The graphics team has been assembling to piece together our CD, booklet, and back cover for Songs from Ray's Garage.  We're at the looking-over stage right now, making sure every detail is correct (if you know us, you know how we love details), so that everything looks as good as the audio sounds.  The audio will soon be off to be mastered, then the CD's themselves will be manufactured and printed. Next, will be planning our release, with media & selling & release parties to plan.  You know how we love…Read more