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New CD Release Edges Closer 

This week Wookie Garcia will be starting our pre-sale for our upcoming album release.  Four years in the making, the record will include fourteen original songs, mostly written during this period, but including one song that dates back all the way to our time as Usual Suspects.  Pre-sale downloads will include one song to hear now with the rest of the album to be made available to purchasers on release day. CD pre-sales will include delivery to you on or as near as we can to the release date.  We are almost…

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Wookie's Back! 

Wookie Garcia has (finally) completed work on our new recording.  As we write these words, manufacturing is proceeding on our CD, and song files are being uploaded to this website and others that will make downloads available for purchase soon. The new album contains 14 original songs recorded in three locations over the last few years.  Our own Kyle Ince produced the recording with our longtime engineer John Hendrickson, and much of the work was completed at the venerable Capitol Studios in Hollywood…

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More Recording Just around the Corner 

Before the month is over Wookie Garcia will be back in the studio working on another recording.  Wait, you say.  Wookie is already working on a recording, right?  Well, yes.  Both things may be true.  Currently,  Producer John is getting the final mixes together for the first third of our next CD, which we hope will be done soon.  Then there's our submission for Homegrown consideration, of which we hope news will be good (and also coming soon).  No, this recording is something else entirely.  We have…Read more

More from Basic Tracks Day... 

Yes, through those doors have passed some of the most talented musicians in classical, jazz, pop and rock music.  Since 1956, countless classic singles and albums have been recorded here in two studios, named, cleverly enough, studio A and studio B.  Recording here was pretty much like recording anywhere else: we checked in with security guard at the front gate who directed us to our reserved parking spaces; we walked into the building and signed in with security; multiple people offered to help us load our…Read more

Wookie Starts Work on the Next CD 

On Thursday July 16 Wookie Garcia entered Capitol Studios in Hollywood to begin recording  our next CD.  Our ambitious plan was to record at least the basic tracks (drums, bass & rhythm guitar) for the eleven songs we had been rehearsing pretty much exclusively for the last two months.  Well, we did that, and we also got most of the lead vocals done as well.  Needless to say, we are off to a pretty good start. Work will be continuing locally over the next several months, as we add the additional parts that…Read more

CD Artwork just about Complete 

The graphics team has been assembling to piece together our CD, booklet, and back cover for Songs from Ray's Garage.  We're at the looking-over stage right now, making sure every detail is correct (if you know us, you know how we love details), so that everything looks as good as the audio sounds.  The audio will soon be off to be mastered, then the CD's themselves will be manufactured and printed. Next, will be planning our release, with media & selling & release parties to plan.  You know how we love…Read more